Episode 12: How To Batch Create Your Content For Christmas

The Better Business Podcast with Jenny Pace, episode twelve. Batch creating content keeps you in the zone.

Learn how to batch create content all year round, but with a specific focus on Christmas preparation for your online shop.

Get ahead for Christmas NOW – and thank me later

Since about mid-May, I’ve been embarrassing myself on the internet by talking about something no-one wants to think about: Christmas.

I know. You only just got over the last one. It’s the summer holidays, and you just want to enjoy it. And there are a million things on your to-do list that are more urgent.

I get it. But with 12 years of online retail work, I know that Christmas is SO IMPORTANT. I can’t even tell you how important. REALLY IMPORTANT.

So important that I’m continuing to embarrass myself by bringing it up several times a week.

If you would like a Christmas that brings in the revenue and profit you want, and includes zero burnout, you’re in the right place. And I applaud you for being here!

Let’s talk about one of the biggest pieces of the puzzle when it comes to getting ahead: Marketing Content.

Picture this:

It’s mid-November, and orders are starting to increase. You’re busy packing things up, managing your team, and making sure everything’s running smoothly. As you finish up your day, you feel like there’s something you should be doing, something that you’ve forgotten. It’s all felt a bit too easy… surely there’s something you’ve let slip.

And then you realise: in the past, you’ve had to quickly write a few social media posts at the end of the day because you haven’t got anything scheduled. Normally, you’d be scrolling and panic posting, hoping that you’d get more sales to cover the cost of the assistant who just started.

This time, it’s different. You’ve already got your weekly email newsletters going out, as well as social media posts scheduled, and a list of stories to post, too. There’s nothing you actually need to do. You know your customers, you’ve got great content, and so you can wrap up on time, without working into the evening.

You smile. In fact, you feel so good that you even post a quick selfie as you end your day and post it to your stories, because you’re so grateful for all the orders you’re getting already!

Can we talk about the ease, relief, and confidence of that picture? Doesn’t it sound really good?

Before you start thinking, “that’s not possible for me”, or “Jenny’s living in cloud cuckoo land”, let me tell you: THIS IS POSSIBLE FOR YOU.

Yep, you.

But you need to start NOW.

Now is the time to get ahead by creating content and scheduling it, piece by piece.

What is batch creating content?

When I talk about batch creating content, I’m talking about sitting down to create a whole series of marketing content in one go, and then scheduling it to be released later.

There are a few reasons why this works:

  • It keeps you focused – when you’re in marketing mode, it’s easier to create content that’s cohesive and on point
  • You can get in the zone – set the intention to get in your ideal customer’s head and create the content that’s going to help and inspire them
  • You can work on pieces that work together
  • It makes you more efficient
  • You’ll get more done in one go than you would doing it in bits
  • You get ahead, which adds to your sense of confidence, ease, and calm

Booking an afternoon purely to work on your Christmas marketing content will feel uncomfortable, and you’ll need to put other things to one side. But it will make a huge difference to your success levels in the next six months.

How do we batch create content?

So, it sounds great. But let’s talk about how to batch create your Christmas content.

Step one: make time. You need a morning or an afternoon to really get in the zone and make progress.

Step two: bring your ideal customer to mind. Whether you’ve got a customer profile you already work with, or are thinking about this for the first time, spend a few minutes thinking about your ideal customer, what they are inspired by, and how you can help them.

Step three: brainstorm some ideas on how you could inspire, educate, entertain, or solve the problems of your ideal customer.

Step four: take the ideas and work them into blog posts, emails, social media posts etc. You can repeat ideas across different formats.

That’s the basis of batch creating content.

Here are my bespoke tips for Christmas content:

Start with the content you find easiest, so if you find it really easy to create your product-based posts, start there. If you find it easy to write inspiring tips or create videos, work on that first. Get in the flow, and then fill out the other areas.

Typically, it’s easiest to start at the end and work backwards. Many of my clients start with the “last chance” content you need towards the end of December. If that’s you, write the last chance email, create graphics of your last order dates that you can share in your social media feed and stories, and make sure you have reminders for a week or so before your last order date.

*It’s okay if you don’t know exactly when this will be yet. Get it ready to go, and schedule it when you’re ready!

Similarly, you can decide on your Black Friday offer now, and create the content for that, too. Black Friday is 26 November this year. You don’t have to do a discount, you could do free delivery over a certain amount, or a free gift with orders placed. Or simply expect more sales that weekend, because it’s payday before Christmas.

Whatever you choose to do, create the content for it! Write the content that introduces the offer, reminds customers of the offer, and then has the “last chance” message.

Other types of posts you can batch create:

  • Product features: take photos and videos of different elements of your products, and use your product description to help you write your captions. Schedule at least 3 a week from mid-October to your last order date. And don’t forget to use BUY NOW or SHOP NOW.
  • Service features: you already do an amazing job for your customers, so shout about it! Remind them that you have express delivery, gift wrap available, send direct options, personalisation choices, and more. Create posts that show these extra features.
  • Marketing emails: I love email marketing for product-based businesses! So powerful. Write an email a week from about mid-October (and thank me later). They don’t need to be complicated, just weekly reminders of who you are, what you make, and how you can help your customers.
  • Tips + inspiration: You’re really wise and creative. Share it with your customers! You could give them tips on decorating for Christmas, activities to do with their friends and family, how to make a Christmas sweet treat that’s low effort… Lean into your own area of expertise, and what your audience cares about.

Reminder: you don’t need to do all these things in one go! Start with the easiest one for you, and start getting that gorgeous, magnetic, effective content done ahead of time.

Two super-powerful resources for you:

I know it’s not easy to keep everything in your head, so I made a free Christmas Checklist for you.

It has everything from content to create about your products (like photos and descriptions for your listings), to how to prepare your studio. I even made a big old list of marketing content to create and schedule.


I’ve made a seriously accessible version of the Better Christmas Plan available, with extra resources and the option to add fortnightly reminder emails with timely tips from me.

It’s just £37 and includes new recordings of the 5 workshops, plus extra checklists, a self-care worksheet, affirmation downloads, and lots more.


They’ll help you to batch create your content, before September even arrives.

Here’s to that calm, organised, and ease-filled Christmas!

Episode 7: Why Christmas matters, even in May

Before you listen to this episode, May has now ended but you can still get ahead!

I’ve also got some new Christmas planning resources, including the free Christmas checklist and The Better Christmas Plan mini course.

What to do now to have your best Christmas yet

No, you haven’t missed a big chunk of the year. Yes, it’s still May. I haven’t lost my marbles!

The truth is that if you’re a maker, the owner of a product-based business, Christmas is a big deal to your business. I have clients who make 50-80% of their turnover in the last three months of the year.

So yeah, Christmas is a big deal.

And it’s worth preparing early.

Getting ahead for Christmas allows you to:

  • Make the most of the opportunity
  • Reduce stress and burnout
  • Avoid sleepless nights and 10-14 hour days
  • Create a Christmas range and marketing content that you’re really proud of
  • Build sustainability into your business

3 top tips for makers who want to do Christmas differently this year

1. Cultivate creativity – and release fear

When things are high in opportunity, the more primitive parts of our brains can get a little stressed out. They don’t want us to try and fail. They’d rather we just kept it safe.

There can be this huge pressure to design a new bestseller, to do everything perfectly, and to hustle hard.

When we’re in that zone, unsurprisingly, we freak out. We either burn out way too early, or we find 10,000 things to do other than work on what we actually want: a Christmas season that’s aligned with your values and your wellbeing.

So before you start letting your anxious, over-analytical, fear-induced brain take over, I invite you to cultivate ease and creativity and FUN into your Christmas season!

Set some intentions: 

  • How would you like this Christmas to feel?
  • How would you like to serve your customers?
  • What feels important and inspiring this Christmas?
  • How can you infuse the season with meaning and merriment?
  • How can you support yourself through it all?

Let yourself create this really lovely, nourishing approach to Christmas this year.

2. Give your future self a gift: plan ahead

While I’m a woman who believes in doing things your own way, there is a law of Christmas that I have seen to be true: The later you leave your Christmas planning, the less likely it is you’ll feel like you’ve given it your best shot.

Whether it’s your fear brain encouraging you to self-sabotage and procrastinate, or a billion things demanding your attention, it’s really easy to leave things until September.

You don’t fancy spending spring and summer on Christmas planning. You find it hard to get into the spirit. Then there are summer holidays, distractions, and the old habit of not getting ahead of the retail calendar.

It’s time to change that habit.

A few things to nail down now:

  • Book a photoshoot. Whether it’s a week to do it yourself or a day with a professional, book this now – and stick to it. You’ll find it helpful to have something to work towards so that your designs are ready, and it’s so valuable to have your photos done and dusted.
  • Plan Christmas into every week. Put a recurring appointment in your calendar 
  • Start dreaming up the support you’d like
  • Decide when your Christmas shop will open, and whether you’ll do an early bird offer.

3. Stay connected with your people

One of the best things you can do now for a successful Christmas is think about your audience. Not just the people who follow you on Instagram (who may or may not be your true audience), but your ideal customers, the people you really want to help, inspire, and sell to.

How can you connect with them, now and at Christmas? What will they find useful, desirable, beautiful, essential, inspiring? How can you expand your connection with them? Maybe deepen it, too?

Go and find your customers. Speak to them directly with the content you share now. Invite them to your newsletter list and send them inspiring emails. 

Building your dream audience isn’t a quick fix. It takes a long time, and requires regular tending. So starting now will not only make Christmas feel easier, but it’ll create lasting results into next year and beyond, too.

BONUS TIP: Join The Better Christmas Plan!

In the podcast episode, I mention a free 5-day challenge, which has now finished.

BUT you can get the recorded DIY version now for just £37!

Together we’ll move past the stress and overwhelm to create a unique-to-you plan that equips you with all the practical tools and support you need to feel totally prepared, in control, and ready for your best season yet.

To read more and sign up now, head to thejennypace.com/betterchristmasplan

The ONE thing to do to boost your marketing before Christmas

I don’t know if you knew this, but Christmas is coming up pretty soon. 

(Ha! If you’re a product-based business, you’re probably not thinking about much else, amiright?)

And, having worked with small creatives for 11 years, I know that mid-October is when things start to feel kind of… intense.

So I’m not here to give you a whole new marketing plan to implement, or loads more to do.

Yes, I’m obsessed with email marketing. Yes, I really hope you’ll join The Better Business Collective when it opens in January, where I teach email marketing for product businesses.

In the meantime, I have one teeny tiny request…

The ONE thing I want you to do to boost your email marketing for next year: make sure you’re enabling customers to opt in to marketing emails when they order with you this Christmas.

You don’t have to email them now. You don’t have to have a fancy welcome sequence.

All you need to do is have a checkbox that they can tick if they’re happy to receive offers and inspiration when they’re buying their Christmas gifts, decorations, treats and more.

Why is this step so important?

One of the things email marketing is great at is cultivating that loyal repeat customer base that’s just so valuable for small businesses. It’s easier and cheaper to retain a customer than acquire a new one, and having them on your email list makes it happen.

You’re focused on sales right now, sharing your Christmas products. I don’t want to distract you from that. This little step means you can keep generating sales, sharing your social media posts, but also know that you’re building an email list that you can use and enjoy next year. You’re welcome, future self.

And? It’s not going to take you very long. The majority of retail website providers make this really easy, and I’ve linked to a couple of tutorials below to help you get it done.

(If you’re feeling positive and motivated, there are a couple of bonus actions you can take, too.)

How to collect email addresses at checkout

Here are links to tutorials on some of the main ecommerce platforms my clients use. (Have I missed yours? Let me know and I’ll add it in!)

Don’t get overwhelmed with Email Service Providers

Because I don’t want you to get overwhelmed, at this stage, you don’t need to put your subscribers into Mailchimp or figure out your email service provider. (That’s the app or service you’ll use to actually send out your marketing emails.)

You just need to have permission to send emails in the future. This is the big opportunity at Christmas: you’re simply capturing the increased number of people buying from you.

Extra Credit

If you’ve got that fresh feeling and really want to go to town on building your email list, and getting sales through it this Christmas, here are a few ways you can jump on board the email marketing success train:

  • Choose an Email Service Provider (Mailchimp, Shopify marketing, Klaviyo and Convertkit are all good options) and make sure the subscribers are importing automatically
  • Create a “welcome sequence” – two or three emails that are sent out to your new subscribers after they join your list to tell them a bit more about who you are and how you make their lives better
  • Add a pop-up sign up box that appears when customers have been browsing for a little while
  • Send 4-6 email newsletters between now and Christmas, sharing your products, promoting your last order dates, and wishing your customers a merry Christmas
  • Encourage your social media followers to sign up to your newsletter list too

You might find my free cheat sheet handy – it includes 30 inspiring email subject lines to help you get that next email ready to go. Download it now.

So, without wanting to add loads to your to-do list (I usually like taking things OFF your to-do list!), I hope you’ll get permission to email your customers next year. You’ll thank me later.


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