The Better Business Collective

Raise your business savvy up a gear and finally become the confident, in control, and thriving creative business owner you dream of being


"I've changed my whole business on the inside, and it's something I'm really happy with and feel in control of"
- Gilly, founder at ekawear


Are you tired of figuring things out on your own and second guessing yourself?

Always feeling like you could be doing so much more on your business, even though you never seem to have any time.

You’ve probably signed up for countless free trainings and downloaded I-don’t-know-how-many PDF guides.

And sometimes, all the marketing and business advice out there can feel like A LOT. 

A lot to take in, a lot of time needed - a lot taking you away from what you really love to do.


The last thing you want is to stretch yourself even more thinly and waste your time on tasks that aren’t making your business more profitable or creatively enriching.

More than anything, you want a business with strong foundations, that’s thriving and working on your own terms, but it just hasn’t quite happened yet.

You don’t have to do it alone…


Hi, I'm Jenny! I spend my days giving talented women like you the courage and tools to forge your own path to meaningful success.

As a business coach with a background in creative writing and former career at, I have a unique skill set that’s tailor made for creative founders selling products or providing services.

And I believe you deserve a business that sustains you financially and creatively. 

The key? Bringing your head and heart into alignment. AKA Savvy business strategy driven by the confidence that comes from being true to yourself.

Because when you build a business that’s healthy and robust on the inside, it supports your creativity and enriches your bank account.

Forget quick fixes and shiny object syndrome, I'm here for the strong foundations, deep and meaningful clarity, and taking consistent, change-making action.


“Jenny is so thorough and the absolute IDEAL mix of practical and woo for me. She has helped me make BIG changes to my business already and, crucially, given me a bit of my mojo back."
- Lucy Lucraft, podcast producer


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A membership group for makers and solopreneurs ready to strengthen their business from the inside out.

The Collective Full Membership

All the trainings, templates, and support you could possibly need to give you the structure and focus to create a business and life in flow - filled with purpose, direction, and the confidence to define your own idea of success.

Find the level that's right for you

"Good" Membership

Totally FREE to join!

Want to dip your toe into The Collective and start getting on top of things? Join for free and you'll receive the Weekly Wisdom to-do list, including Christmas prep, as well as the monthly business review checklist, and access to the community conversation over on Mighty Networks. Easy and effective!

"Better" Membership

Boost your DIY efforts

As well as everything in the "Good" space, you'll also have access to the full recorded Better Business Curriculum - over 36 hours of video and written lessons on getting strategic in your business, understanding your ideal customer, setting up email marketing, and loads more. Plus you'll be invited to one live call every month where you can get coaching and advice - all for just £30/month.

"Best" Membership

Raise the standard, make the magic

This is where you get everything: all the to-do lists, the Curriculum, TWO live calls every week, access to the Inner Circle conversation, all my mini courses, including Pricing For Profit, and marketing templates, calendars, and prompts. You'll get support every week - perfect for accountability lovers and business owners ready to make some magic.


"The Collective gives a sense of focus and structure to my business, confidence to my business decisions, a sense of balance to my work life, and connection to small creative business owners."
- Wendy, red brick glass

Knowing that the tasks you’re doing are moving your business forwards

Having more time to work in your zone of genius

Feeling like you’re not doing this all alone – and having people to turn to who ‘get it’

Seeing sales coming through your website regularly from a loyal and passionate customer base

Not burying your head in the sand when it comes to numbers and metrics

Feeling truly successful in a meaningful way with lots more joy and less struggle

Getting to spend more time with family because you’re working smarter, not harder


These core elements inside The Collective will get you there:

The Game-Changing Success Ritual

Because ‘monthly review’ simply doesn’t do this supercharged, magical, and FUN experience justice!

Meet with me and the whole community every month in a two-part ritual to balance head and heart: one to gather your end-of-month data, and the second to reflect and set intentions to cultivate your growth

BBC Mock-ups
A scrolling video to show a sample of an email template within The Better Business Collective

Email Templates & Marketing Calendar

Level up your email marketing, whether you're just getting started, need to get more consistent, or are ready to increase sales with more ease.

Your new secret weapons: over 25 templates (plus loads more ideas for you to use!) to schedule an entire season of weekly emails, and create a unique-to-you marketing plan each month in the Marketing Glow Up live workshop

The Better Business Collective Online Community

Connect with like-minded creatives who are also committed to growing their business authentically and sustainably.

Stay accountable and motivated with weekly space to identify your focus and cheer each other on. Ask questions, get feedback, find recommendations from other creative business owners, as well as me. Plus, a dedicated Mighty Networks app so you can keep your focus in your pocket, and listen to recordings on the go!

The Better Business Collective community


Open Office Hours & Tech Support (£350 value)

Join regular open office hours live calls to get feedback, coaching, and support (these calls are available to drop in nearly every Friday)

Get dedicated tech support with my in-house tech whizz, Kelly Harcus, who is on-hand for any technical glitches with emails and websites

Discover answers you didn't know you needed with others' questions and support requests

Pricing For Profit Mini Course (£97 value)

Take the guesswork out of pricing your products once and for all with this mini course for makers and small retailers

Use the pricing template to keep track of your product prices and profit margins

Gain pricing skills for life - every time you create a new offering or go up a level

Masterclasses & Recordings Library (£500+ value)

Monthly masterclasses to boost your business skills

Join live masterclasses and access the resource library to catch up with previous seasons’ recordings

Topics include: Facebook + IG Ads, Using Pinterest For Your Business, How To Batch Create Content, Money Mindset, and Seasonal Planning Workshops

When you add it all up with what's also included in The Better Business Collective, that's a value of over £1,500...

But you can access it for £112!


“I have gained more confidence in my business decisions and it is resulting in some fantastic sales figures, whilst also helping me build the business I want it to be in the long term.”
- Laura, founder at Louy Magroos


A reminder of everything you’ll get access to:

The Collective Full Membership

Here's everything that's included:

  • NEW: The Better Business Framework Curriculum: 9 chapters of business essentials for creatives who want a profitable, sustainable, and enjoyable business, including Meaningful Marketing, Protect Your Profit, Focus & Flow.

  • The Collective Community: Online community space for peer support, and regular (pre-recorded!) posts from me

  • Live calls: Ritual Prep + Ritual Reflections (monthly), guest marketing experts (one per month ish), peer-led co-working sessions / Open Office Hours

  • Pricing for Profit and Sanity (value £97)

  • Homepage Blueprint for Retail (value £22)

  • NEW: Product Descriptions Made Easy (value £42): Learn how to write brilliant product descriptions.

  • Masterclass Library: all the live call recordings, ever! We’re currently cataloguing them so they’re easier to find on demand

  • Tech Support: Kelly will continue to be available for technical support. Glitches and questions can often be answered as part of your membership - Kelly will always let you know if you need to book extra support with her.

  • Happy Post 🎁Sending joyous packages certainly makes my life lighter and brighter, so I (well, Kate) will be continuing to send out happy post quarterly

So, are you ready to stop winging it alone and start strengthening you and your business from the inside out?


“I’m filled to the brim with energy and inspiration having looked at where I am, where I want to be and how I'm going to get there.” Gilly, founder at