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Make this the year you're actually prepared for Christmas... in just 5 days

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The Better Christmas Plan is a FREE five day challenge guiding you towards a more intentional and confident Christmas season in retail.

Together we’ll move past the stress and overwhelm to create a unique-to-you plan that equips you with all the practical tools and support you need to feel totally prepared, in control, and ready for your best season yet.

When: 13-17 June 2022, 12:30pm GMT daily

Where: Zoom, plus a private IG group

Who: solopreneurs, creatives, and makers who want to get ahead for a successful Christmas

How: Sign up for FREE!


Go into the season feeling poised and ready for whatever gets thrown at you and emerge with your sanity intact

Does this sound familiar?

  • You’ve never had a Christmas without getting burnt out - and you’re desperate for that to change
  • You’ve never really planned ahead for Christmas, or not on this level… because you’re not sure where to start or if it’ll be worth it
  • You’re still recovering from last Christmas, or that time a few years ago that wiped you out for months
  • You're constantly working on marketing content for next week, and you never seem to get further ahead
  • You're always trying to do too many things at once, without any kind of strategy or focus

And you're ready for change, right?

Imagine if...

You could reach January 2023 with your sanity, health, and wellbeing in tact - and a pretty successful business to boot

You knew exactly who you’re selling to, when it’s going live, and what it’s going to be

You had your marketing content prepared and scheduled before we even get to mid-October

You had healthy boundaries in place and self-care at the centre of your Christmas strategy

You knew the support you needed and where to get it

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Get ready for...

  • Day One: Ghosts of Christmas Past
  • Day Two: Dreaming up a confident Christmas
  • Day Three: Mapping out the vision
  • Day Four: Priming yourself for success
  • Day Five: Marketing made simple

... all available from 13 to 17 June!


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Strengthen your Christmas game plan and ditch the overwhelm in just five days


What you'll discover:

How to approach Christmas without the burnout and overwhelm

What you need to cultivate confidence and move away from fear

The practical pieces of the puzzle together - who you’re selling to, what makes it into the product collection, and when key things need to happen

The support you need in place from the get-go to guarantee an “I’ve got this” feeling throughout the crazy season

How to create a marketing plan to take the guesswork out of things so you’re not scrambling for ideas

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Here's what we'll cover:

Day 1: Ghosts of Christmas Past


Look back on previous Christmas experiences in retail with both head and heart to reveal subconscious beliefs and emotions, what has and hasn’t worked, and heal the things that may be holding you back in order to move forwards on your own terms.

Day 2: Dreaming up a confident Christmas


Move on from the past and feel inspired to create your new vision of a successful Christmas season. Lay out your options on the table, decide what success really means to you, and visualise what it is you want to create for your customers.

Day 3: Mapping out the vision


Bring the practical pieces of the puzzle together into a framework as you make topline decisions about the who, what, and when - who you’re selling to, what makes it into the product collection, and when key things need to happen.

Day 4: Priming yourself for success


AKA How to not burnout. Put the support you need in place from the get-go to guarantee an “I’ve got this” feeling throughout the crazy season. From getting extra hands on deck, preparing stock and cash flow, pivot and contingency planning, through to protecting your greatest asset - you - with healthy boundaries and in-built self care.

Day 5: Marketing made simple


It’s time to take all that internal planning and get the word out in a confident and intentional way. Creating a marketing calendar will not only take the guesswork out of things so you’re not scrambling for ideas, you’ll also be sure to reach the right people at the right times.


“I loved this course! The worksheets were a great reminder of what to do. I liked the way the visualisation exercises helped to know what help is needed at Christmas.” Sandra Gale, illustrator


Oh hey! I'm Jenny...

I'm a business coach, change-maker, obstacle-remover and tea drinker. My mission is to empower female founders and creatives to forge their own definition of success.

I'm obsessed with finding your focus (it's my superpower, and your rocket fuel). And I'm determined to help YOU get ahead in 2022 and beyond...

Just like you, I have feelings about talking about Christmas as early as May every year. But 12+ years of ecommerce experience show me it's always, always worth it!


“This course has been so helpful. Burnout was severe last Christmas, and there’s lots to think about. Thank you… it’s going to help a lot.” Lucy, For the Love of the North

This is for you if...

  • You’re a product-based business owner who wants to make the most of the busy Christmas season
  • You’re done with overwhelm - you do NOT want to go back there
  • You know you should get ahead for Christmas, but you don’t know where to start
  • You find it hard to imagine how Christmas could be… it just feels like a big stress
  • You’re ready to change your mind, do it differently, and come out of the other side with your sanity in tact


This is NOT for you if…

  • You’re not ready to change your mind about burnout and overwhelm
  • You’re already ahead for Christmas and you have all the support you need
  • You don’t have a product-based business selling your creations online