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Little Better: Cultivating human connection in business

March 8, 2022

This week’s podcast episode unlocks a key to being successful in business that you may not have heard before: cultivate human connection. How? Listen in to discover more! >>> LISTEN ON ITUNES >>> LISTEN ON SPOTIFY Do you struggle with motivation as a small business owner? Maybe you find it hard to sell your products … Read more

Episode 16: Rebel Journalling with Sasha London of Frank & Feel

March 1, 2022

>>> LISTEN ON SPOTIFY >>> LISTEN ON ITUNES Sasha Glasgow, also known as Frank and Feel on Instagram, shares her story, her words, and her rebellious journalling techniques with us in today’s podcast episode. I’ve been a journaller for decades, so it was a real treat to talk to someone who shares the inclination to … Read more

Little Better: The Five Minute Pricing Hack Your Business Needs

February 22, 2022

Today on the Better Business Podcast, I’m bringing you a quick pricing hack for your products! >>> LISTEN ON SPOTIFY >>> LISTEN ON ITUNES I’m so excited to share this five minute pricing tip with you! It comes from my years of experience working with small businesses selling online. This profit-generating tip is great for … Read more

Better Business Book Club Picks

One episode every month is dedicated to the Better Business Book Club - my reviews and recommendations of books to strengthen your self-belief and your business success.

You can support the podcast by purchasing the books from my store, an online bookshop that supports independent book sellers.

I'll receive a commission for each purchase you make using this link, and that helps me keep the podcast going!

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