A Little Better: The vision for your business that REALLY matters

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Today’s episode is about the vision that matters in your business.

At the beginning of August, I wrapped up a 6 month mastermind. This intimate, soul-filled group of three women with creative businesses have been meeting with me every Monday afternoon, more or less, since February.

We’ve talked about business struggles, goals, personal challenges and strengths. We’ve learnt about each other – and about ourselves and what works for us.

Towards the end of our six month journey, we talked a lot about what we really want. About that line between what our logical, eager, opportunity-seeking brains can see, and the deeper longings of our creative souls.

We journalled. We coached. We talked. We uncovered.

I can’t tell you how powerful it was to get into the detail of it all.

We’ve been reflecting in our group chat recently, and it has made me think a lot about creating visions.

I’m a visionary sort of person. I can see possibilities and opportunities. It’s a strength I have, part of my personality. When I first started my business and started mentoring small business owners, I believed it was a big deal – an important piece of the puzzle. I could step into a client’s shoes and SEE.

As I’ve developed and trained more deeply, I know that my vision for a client is often a distraction. My excitement about a certain possibility can get in the way of uncovering a client’s true longings. These days, I’m dedicated to getting my vision out of the way and pouring my creativity into nourishing your vision and supporting you instead.

Here’s what I want you to know:

My vision for your business doesn’t matter.

Your partner’s vision for your business doesn’t matter.

Your staff, your friend, your mum’s vision – none of them matter.

Sure, you can lean on them and listen to them and cherry pick some things from other people’s vision.

But do not get tangled up in them.

You can spend so much energy trying to create something that someone else wants you to have. You can even experience a type of success.

But true success is YOUR vision, your values. It’s the difference between an inner glow as you receive the order or start working with a new client or start a new project – and slogging away as a means to an end.

I use visualisations fairly often in my work. And honestly, you can try it yourself, too. Take 15 minutes, set a timer, let yourself relax, and let your inner wisdom guide you to visualising a significant time in the future. Like mid-December, or this time next year. Notice what comes to mind without questioning it. Feel the energy of it.

Then spend 10-20 minutes writing it all down. You might find some surprises for yourself in there, and my experience is that they will motivate you and support you in making positive changes.

There’s a visualisation for Christmas in my Better Christmas Plan course, which is available for just another three weeks. It’s a game-changer if you’re a product-based business owner ready to level up this season.

And I’m opening up another Enrich mastermind starting in September. If you’re ready for more connection, more vision, more courage, and more soul in your business, this is for you.

To celebrate opening the mastermind, I’m teaching a free workshop on people-pleasing and how to stop it from running your business on Thursday 2 September at 8pm GMT.

Episode 13: Is it possible to stop people-pleasing and run a successful business?

The Better Business Podcast by Jenny Pace, episode 13. "People pleasing is a direct path to burnout."

Are you a people-pleaser? Me too, except I’m in life-long recovery. The good news is that my business is MORE successful when I step back from people-pleasing. Let’s talk about why we get stuck in this trap, especially as women in business.

We all know a people-pleaser like Sally

Someone I know – let’s call her Sally – is amazing. She’s a truly brilliant human. She has her own business selling gorgeous gifts and cards and designs, and it’s pretty successful. She pays the bills with this business. But she’s always too busy. The orders mount up, the enquiries, the marketing. And she never quite gets around to designing the things she really wants to design, or managing to grow her business so that it’s more sustainable.

The truth is that Sally is incredibly generous with her time and energy. She jumps at the chance to help someone. She’ll tweak a design for a customer without charging for it. Except then she’s late with her orders and pays to upgrade to express delivery so that no one is disappointed, which ultimately eats into her profit.

And she spends a bit too much time helping her small business friends, helping with their product listings instead of her own, and offering them feedback, when really she needs to be planning her next new product launch.

Sally muddles along, swept up in being busy. She never really grows her business, and she never feels like she’s reaching her potential. She’s never quite happy.

Her people-pleasing is stopping her from success.

We’ve all been Sally.

In truth, Sally is combination of patterns I see in creatives all the time – including myself.

Most of us have been Sally, at one time or another. Offering too much, trying to avoid disappointing others, putting everyone else’s preferences over our own deep desires and needs.

It’s time to stop.

Suggestions for people-pleasers

Here are a few ways you can stop people-pleasing and reclaim your time, energy, and profit:

  • Notice the orders that make you despair or slump. Remove those products or put the price up – significantly.
  • Stop going on Facebook groups or Whatsapp chats. Mute them. Leave them. Limit your time in them. Only go to them once you’ve done YOUR things.
  • Organise your team meetings to suit you. Stop avoiding conversations with your staff to protect their feelings, and then cover for them instead. It’s your business.
  • Check in with your messaging for customers, staff, family, and friends: are you clear and consistent? And when someone asks too much, do you stand your ground? Give it a try.

Why people-pleasing doesn’t matter to your people

I believe true customers, staff, friends, family buy into you. Your happiness, your success, your sanity, your vitality and ability to thrive. And if they don’t, then they don’t deserve your gifts.

I don’t want to buy anything knowing that the person making it is stressed out, overworked, underpaid, and unhappy. I really don’t. I don’t see how anyone benefits from a system that is set up that way.

Stop letting your business stagnate because you’re being polite, people-pleasing, and hoping for the best.

Join the workshop!

I’m running a FREE workshop for business owners who are done with people-pleasing and are ready to reclaim their energy, time, and profit. It’s time to run the business you really want!

Join me on Thursday 2nd September at 8pm GMT for this hour-long masterclass on how you can let go of people-pleasing and run the business you actually want.

5 unconventional ways to level up your marketing

When it comes to marketing your business and sharing your creativity, there’s a lot of advice out there. Today I want to share five unconventional tips that you might not have considered before to step things up a level.

These days, marketing is about content and connection: sharing ideas and inspiration with people who feel the same way and like what you’re about, plus – of course – sharing those for-sale creations you’ve made.

So there’s a whole load of content to create, photographs to take, videos to play with, captions to write. There can be a lot to learn about making a content plan, figuring out your key messages, and figuring out hashtags and scheduling apps.

It’s a lot of action to take, right?

Well, what would you say if I told you that successful marketing is about 80% mindset and energy?

I know. It’s a lot.

Even before you start creating and taking all that action, having your head and heart lined up and your energy in a good place can make alllllll the difference.

So today I’m not sharing tips for creating killer content or hacks for hastags or Reels.

Instead, my unconventional wisdom is to upgrade your marketing energy.

How do we do that? Well, we need to tap into the power of your chakra system and combine the physical, emotional, and psychological energy you’re bringing to the table.

To transform your marketing energy, I recommend focusing on your throat chakra – that’s the area near your vocal chords, but also links to your shoulders, jaw, nose and ears.

This chakra represents (in Western modern and Jungian interpretations) our ability to express ourselves and our ability to receive (it’s where we swallow and absorb nutrients) – which are deeply related to marketing our businesses.

You throat chakra might be out of alignment, overworked or underworked. If that’s the case, you might find yourself with a lump in your throat when you think about your business or a specific project, or you might be prone to sore throats, colds and coughs. You might find that you hold a lot of tension in your jaw or your shoulders – holding things in, or tensing up against potential threats. You might even find you have more dental issues!

These are all ways your subconscious mind manifests your mental blocks in your body, and vice versa.

When you’re not blocked, you’ll find you’re able to express yourself easily, through words, actions and creativity. You’ll find yourself wanting to share your ideas and inspiration! You’ll also find it easier to receive good things, whether that’s sales, money, compliments, good feedback, good news, and good ideas.

So how can we realign your throat chakra, clear those unhelpful thoughts, and improve your marketing energy?

1. Pay attention to your throat chakra

Notice, right now, how you’re feeling in that area of your body. Does it feel tight, over-stretched, blocked? Or are you feeling fairly comfortable and able to receive?

You might find that certain activities have you tensing your jaw more than others – spot where you might need more support.

2. Drink hot lemon (and honey)

This home remedy for sore throats is also a great first step in caring for your throat chakra. Grab some lemons and start each day with a healing and opening drink of hot lemon juice in hot water. (I use half a lemon for an average mug.)

If you’re in need of soothing, or are struggling to receive, add a little honey. It’ll heal any raspy voices and ease those good vibes.

3. Play some chakra-healing music

Yogic traditions typically have chants to instill specific qualities in the different chakras. There are also powerful practices in using healing bowl music to do the same. When I’m feeling stuck or tense in my throat, I use healing music designed specifically for the throat chakra on the Insight Timer app. It’s easy to put on in the background while I’m working, or while I’m relaxing or falling asleep.

4. Use chakra-opening essential oils

Spearmint, chamomile, and even eucalyptus are great essential oils to use when you’re feeling stuck in your marketing. You can pop them in a diffuser with water or a base oil, use them in a spray, or use a roll-on like this one by Eve & Keel on your pulse points. I like to put it on my wrists and behind my ears. Don’t forget to breathe deeply!

5. Choose a mantra or affirmation, and say it aloud

Having a positive mantra or affirmation can help to re-program your subconscious thoughts and beliefs, and instills a new belief instead. I recommend choosing one and using it daily for a week or two. Pop it somewhere you can see it, and, crucially, say it out loud. Ultimately, you shift your throat chakra energy when you speak truth, so actually saying your affirmation to yourself will help you to practice sharing positive things and receiving positivity in return.

Try: Marketing my business is creative, fun, and offers endless opportunities for success.

You could also sing, dance, shake off your blocks, double down on your flossing habit, practice yoga, and meditate to help realign your chakras and shift your energy.

Okay, I told you this was going to be unconventional…

Nothing removes the need for content creation and putting in some work to marketing your business (and you might like my 30 Email Subject Lines cheat sheet to get going with email marketing). But clearing out unconscious energy and old beliefs can really get things moving!

What do you think? Is there anything you think you might try?


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