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Episode 3: How To Share Your Products Online

April 15, 2021

But how do I actually talk about my products? Today I’m sharing a really common theme among my clients and community members: how to share their products on social media and in email marketing in ways that don’t feel aggressive or sleazy. You’re in business to enrich your customers’ lives with your products. They’re here … Read more

Episode 2: How To Thrive In Business In 2021

April 2, 2021

I hope no-one listens to this podcast… So you might have heard me say I hope no-one listens to this episode of the podcast. Obviously not really, please keep listening! But it’s because I hope you ARE thriving in 2021, and I hope that lockdown is ending and opening up opportunities for you. I’m recorded … Read more

Introducing The Better Business Podcast

April 2, 2021

Welcome to the Better Business Podcast Like many of us, 2020 turned my life and my business around – some of it was good, some of it… less so. One thing that DID happen: I became obsessed with podcasts. With a baby (and then a toddler) at home full time, podcasts gave me a way … Read more

Better Business Book Club Picks

One episode every month is dedicated to the Better Business Book Club - my reviews and recommendations of books to strengthen your self-belief and your business success.

You can support the podcast by purchasing the books from my store, an online bookshop that supports independent book sellers.

I'll receive a commission for each purchase you make using this link, and that helps me keep the podcast going!

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