Little Better: The Five Minute Pricing Hack Your Business Needs

Today on the Better Business Podcast, I’m bringing you a quick pricing hack for your products!



I’m so excited to share this five minute pricing tip with you! It comes from my years of experience working with small businesses selling online.

This profit-generating tip is great for online retailers who want to make sure their products are profitable, but don’t have time to do a deep dive or a full pricing review.

Here’s my top tip for pricing your products quickly:

Put your prices up by 20%.

About 80% of new clients need to put their prices up by 20% in order to be profitable and run a sustainable business.

Chances are you haven’t accounted for inflation or rising material costs, so you at least need to put your prices up by 4% (the current inflation rate in the UK).

The longer it is since you last raised your prices, the more you need to raise them.

Don’t put off having a profitable, sustainable business!

And of course, if you’d like a full product pricing calculator template, you can find mine inside Pricing For Profit (And Sanity).

Did you do this pricing hack? Let me know over on Instagram.

Episode 15: Instagram for busy business owners with Ali Buckley



This is a Better Business Podcast first – an interview with a brilliant creative mind, Ali Buckley! Ali is a creative powerhouse, making beauty through her life and sharing it on Instagram @shemademagic.

I loved talking to Ali about how we, as business owners, can show up on Instagram, even when things are really busy. We talked fun, freedom, and how she’s been thinking about her own creativity lately.

Ali always has amazing Instagram tips and I love following her!

I hope you have fun listening to our conversation this week.

A Little Better: How To Love Your Business

The podcast episode cover, featuring a photo of Jenny Pace, with the quote: "Romancing yourself is a legitimate business strategy".

Every other week, I share a bite-sized suggestion to help you make your business a little better. Because as well as the big ideas and transformations, we also need regular actions, nudges, and tips.

With Valentine’s Day coming up, I thought I’d kick off the first Little Better episode of 2022 with a whole heap of love.

Maybe you’re busy selling lots of loved-up cards or gifts. Maybe you’re busy pouring love on your clients. Or your family.

And that’s great.

Today, I want you to spend a little bit of time loving your business – and yourself.

You didn’t start a business to feel ambivalent about what you do.

You didn’t start a business so that you had to drag your feet to spend time on it.

You didn’t start a business to wonder why you started a business.

But there’s good news: you can romance yourself and your business – and it’s a legitimate business strategy.

Here are some ways you can love your business right now:

  • Spend 15-60 minutes writing down the things you love, and the things you don’t love
  • Notice if there’s anything you don’t love that you can delegate or stop doing
  • Share more about your business and how you spark a lot of joy in the world
  • Increase your prices by 10-20%, because you’re probably not building in enough profit
  • Get clearer on your ideal customer and what you offer – get help with this if you feel foggy
  • Set a money date and catch up on your bookkeeping so that you can have less stress and more confidence in your business decisions
  • Hire a VA, coach, mentor, marketing expert, accountant who can help you to level up
  • Find a couple of five star reviews, print them out so you can see them, and put them on your website / social media etc
  • Anything that helps you to feel like a Proper Business Owner – including taking time off!

There are so many ways that you can love your business right now, and continue to build a business you love in the coming months.

Want my help? You can check out my Pricing For Profit course, and my highly recommended membership, The Better Business Collective.

>> Learn pricing skills for life with Pricing For Profit

>> Strengthen your business from the inside out with The Better Business Collective

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