Things that have been helping

I find I have so much I want to say, with not enough time or energy to get it written and making sense and out there.

So this week, I’m lowering the bar, and showing up to share a few things that I’ve found helpful, mostly podcasts and articles, this week.

Note: if you’re overwhelmed, some of these resources may be helpful, but please don’t add to the noise in your head if you need quiet.

This podcast from the Kate and Mike Show by Kate Northrup and her husband, Mike. Great perspective on taking it slowly as we process this, calming the nervous system, and pivoting your business.

Erm, HI, Brene Brown started a podcast and it is wonderful! Unlocking Us is exactly what I need, now and always.

This conversation with Jane Lindsay on Ruth Poundwhite’s Creatively Human podcast was brilliant!

Read this article if you’ve been feeling the pressure to be really productive. It’s really well written and such a relief to read.

I started Untamed by Glennon Doyle, and it’s great. Plus she’s been posting great “family meeting” IGTV episodes.

What’s been helping you? I’m all ears!

I’ll be sharing more as it clarifies and I have time to post it.


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