Progress not perfection: your guide to a better Christmas

jhydegraphicOn November 9, my supportive Christmas ecourse starts for the second year.

Now, this course is dear to my heart. It’s some of my best work. It’s something I whole-heartedly believe in.

It’s the result of supporting small creative businesses through six years of busy Christmas periods.

The course is designed to provide you with regular dashes of inspiration, support, reminders, and the feeling that you’re not alone.

You don’t have to do anything or learn anything, you simply receive emails (and care packages, if you choose) packed full of ideas and resources to help you stay sane over Christmas.

The idea of Progress, not perfection is just that – a shift from the idea that to have a successful Christmas, you have to do everything perfectly. That if you do one thing wrong, you’ve failed.

No. Enough of beating yourself up and working yourself to the bone.

Weekly printable to do lists
Weekly printable to do lists

With Progress, not perfection, you’ll get support throughout the busiest weeks of the year that’s easy to pick up, doesn’t take up very much of your time, but might just make a difference to how you feel and what you do.

I believe the idea of perfection gets in the way A LOT, especially when we’re stressed, busy, and worrying about whether other people are doing it better than we are. It’s easy to get caught up in every little detail, without knowing how to prioritise the mountain of stuff you have to get through in the next 24 hours. (Or, let’s face it, the next 5 minutes.)

So what do I actually get?

Starting on Monday 9 November, for 6 weeks, you’ll get three emails directly to your inbox on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. There’s no Facebook group or community to be part of (although you can get involved in chat on social media if you choose) – this is about me and you. It’s Christmas, after all, so while you’re giving so much to your customers, I’ll be giving you a little something in return. I give, you receive.

Is it different from last year?

Some of the content will be repeated from last year, but I’ll also be adding in new audio and video recordings and a couple of live chats (like this one) during the course. Because the main aim of this course is to prompt and remind you to take care of yourself, you’ll find it just as helpful this year.

What do the emails include?

  • Mondays: introducing the theme for the week (ranging from productivity to priorities to gratitude), a printable checklist with practical stuff to do, and a couple of ideas and practices intended to help you through each week
  • Wednesdays: a gentle reminder of our theme, with a printable reminder to pop up in your immediate eye-line, plus some suggestions of how to make your day work even better for you
  • Fridays: a feel-good playlist to get you moving and dancing, a little pick-me-up message and chance to check in, plus links to festive treats online.

You can also opt in to get two happy post care packages (one at the beginning of the course, and one at the end), filled with surprise treats for you:

  • Printed copies of the weekly checklists
  • Reminders to put up in your workspace
  • Relaxing, energising and balancing essential oils
  • Surprise treats just for you
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Holistic holidays

If you’ve been following me and my blog for a while, you’ll know that I offer a mixture of practical business stuff (like pricing spreadsheets and writing product descriptions), as well as a more holistic approach to supporting small businesses (like my mentoring).

This course matches that approach – it includes practical tips and reminders that are easy to adopt in busy weeks, plus reminders to eat well, take deep breaths, and make sure you have a healthy dose of perspective.

Let’s be honest. You already know most of this stuff. You know that you need to get sleep. You’re already preparing for Christmas as best you can. You’ll survive – you have to.

What I’m offering is a series of reminders to do it. To get sleep, to keep on top of orders, to keep things in perspective. And, maybe, to believe it’s not just about surviving – it’s about thriving.

Wouldn’t it be lovely?

To have someone who knows how truly, madly, deeply hectic it can be at Christmas pop into your inbox every other day.

To feel you’re not alone, but without having to ask for help. (We all know how hard that can be when you’re already running low.)

To be reminded to celebrate the brilliance of your business, your success, your life when it feels like you’re teetering on the edge of sanity.

To get a parcel of lovely things that remind you to take care of yourself, to keep your eye on the end goal, to focus on progress, not perfection.

You might even end up feeling like you know more about yourself and your business, rather than feeling depleted, on 25th December.

How to get the goodness

For 6 weeks of emails and online goodness, sign up below. You’ll get three emails a week packed full of support and reminders for £65.

For all the emails, online goodness, plus two care packages, sign up below. You’ll get a package at the beginning of the course, and one at the end, and both will be full of helpful, encouraging, and relaxing luxuries – all for a total of £130. That includes emails AND care packages.

button65 button130

Care package participants: This is available for UK only. 


About me:


JennyPortrait_098 I’m Jenny Hyde – your guide to a better Christmas.

I’m a mentor and advocate for small creative businesses. I believe that looking after your business means looking after yourself, and that business success comes in many different forms.

While working for, I supported their small business sellers through five Christmases, so I know the rollercoaster of challenges, successes, panics, relief and joy of the season very well.

My speciality is combining practical help with understanding and clarity.

I believe in the power of tea (and cake), and, of course, I believe in progress, not perfection.

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