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Episode 15: Instagram for busy business owners with Ali Buckley

February 15, 2022

>>> LISTEN ON SPOTIFY >>> LISTEN ON ITUNES This is a Better Business Podcast first – an interview with a brilliant creative mind, Ali Buckley! Ali is a creative powerhouse, making beauty through her life and sharing it on Instagram @shemademagic. I loved talking to Ali about how we, as business owners, can show up … Read more

A Little Better: How To Love Your Business

February 8, 2022

Every other week, I share a bite-sized suggestion to help you make your business a little better. Because as well as the big ideas and transformations, we also need regular actions, nudges, and tips. With Valentine’s Day coming up, I thought I’d kick off the first Little Better episode of 2022 with a whole heap … Read more

Episode 14: How To Stop Overthinking

February 1, 2022

>> LISTEN ON SPOTIFY >> LISTEN ON ITUNES Are you an overthinker? Do you tend to worry about every small decision in your business? Well, you’re not alone. This podcast episode is for anyone who tends to get stuck in a loop, wondering “what if” over all the tiny things, and feeling exhausted at the … Read more

Better Business Book Club Picks

One episode every month is dedicated to the Better Business Book Club - my reviews and recommendations of books to strengthen your self-belief and your business success.

You can support the podcast by purchasing the books from my store, an online bookshop that supports independent book sellers.

I'll receive a commission for each purchase you make using this link, and that helps me keep the podcast going!

Enjoy your next Book Club read!


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