Loving this week: 5th December

In a bid to shine a light on the work of others, I’m hoping to start a new regular instalment on the blog: a summary of things I’m loving each week. Rather than posting at the end of the week, when I tend to write my Here’s the thing posts, I’m going with a mid-week boost of wisdom and loveliness from people I respect.

This week I’m loving:

This post on the early years of self-employment from Tara Mohr. It resonates deeply.

Watching and listening to responses to Lucy Lucraft’s Podmas prompts on Instagram and various podcasts. Take a look at her Instagram highlights and/or the hashtag.

My friend and client Gabrielle Treanor’s upcoming series, The Warm Embrace. January is such a weird time of year, and this certainly brings a breath of fresh air.

Plus some creature comforts:

  • Gluten-free mince pies
  • Betty’s Christmas Tisane
  • Candles. All the candles.


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