On the cusp

We’re in that liminal, in-between space, seeing out one year and starting to look forward to the next.

If you’re anything like me, you have a secret mess of a list titled ‘2017’, which includes every idea you’ve had since about September and couldn’t find time to work on. And perhaps that list doesn’t seem as exciting now that we’re approaching 1 January…

Well, the good news is, list or no, a new year brings the opportunity to start afresh anyway.

You get to cast aside any and all preconceptions.

You get to dream, fully.

You get to put everyone else’s ideas, contributions, expectations and ‘helpful’ suggestions to one side.

You get to carve out space exclusively for yourself to dream and plan.

You can let go of anything and everything that isn’t working for you.

You can introduce new ideas, concepts and tiny nuggets of gold to your plans, big and small.

And you can change your mind.


What we know about 2017

This year, spreading out in front of us, demonstrating the start of a new cycle and bringing new hope, is unknown. It’s uncertain – deliciously so, if we can choose to embrace it.

We know it will surprise us, but also that there will be challenges and disappointments.

There will be beauty, but there will also be sadness.

There will be opportunities to move closer to our dreams, or further away from them. And the choice will be ours.

2017 is delightfully unwritten, but you can write it, if you choose to stand up, in your courage, to live the life you want to.

I’ll be right there with you.

With care,
Jenny xx

The Year’s End: a workbook for your creative business

This year, I created a workbook, spreadsheet and video package to help you reflect on 2016 and look forward to 2017. It’s still available here, and highly recommended if you want to dive in deeper to planning the year ahead.

The Small Creative Business Retreat 2017

Described as “life-changing” by the women who came last year (over half of whom have booked to come again), my retreat is still open for booking until the end of this week! A long weekend in a stunning house in the Cotswolds. A place where you don’t have to wash up a single cup or cook a single meal. A place to dream, scheme and meet like-minded business owners. A necessity!

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