Loving this week: 25th January

In a bid to shine a light on the work of others, I’m hoping to start a new regular instalment on the blog: a summary of things I’m loving each week. Rather than posting at the end of the week, when I tend to write my Here’s the thing posts, I’m going with a mid-week boost of wisdom and loveliness from people I respect.

This week I’m loving:

Kyla Roma’s free download of three common profitability mistakes we make in business. They are so on point, and you can get them here.

Gabrielle Treanor’s Warm Embrace series – a wonderful way to enjoy more of January’s genuine delights.

Hearing from the women who came to this January’s Small Creative Business Retreat! (Sign up for news on the next one.)

Plus some creature comforts:

  • All the hand cream to protect against the cold weather.
  • An integrative healing session with the lovely Kristen Willis.
  • Fancy porridge for breakfast. I’ve been adding jam, dried fruit and nuts, and even chocolate chips. Yum!

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