Survive & Thrive Christmas 2020

As we enter a second lockdown, it's time to gather together for more support for your business.

Whether you're juggling childcare, worrying about too few (or too many) orders, or simply find yourself in a bit of a brain fog, you can now register to watch the recording of this free coaching call, which took place on Wednesday 4th November.

Are you ready?

I believe...

1. We need your sparks of brilliance.

2. It's time to work out what you need to keep going.

3. You have to put your health, family and sanity first.

4. It's okay to thrive, even in a pandemic.

Register for:

  • Tips & inspiration to help you make the most of Christmas
  • Why it's important you keep selling & sharing
  • The vital ways you need to prioritise your time & energy
  • Big mindset shifts to help you uncover gifts in the madness of 2020

I’m Jenny Pace.

a business coach supporting creative female founders who are ready for change.

I've been supporting female founders, makers, and creative entrepreneurs through the busy (and unpredictable) Christmas period since 2009.

Join this free live coaching call to tap into my experience, practical, and supportive approach. I'm interested in what success means to YOU, in your particular set of circumstances. And I know that your success is good for the entire world.

Let's survive - and thrive - in this crazy year.