Create A Mini Business Plan

Create Your Mini Business Plan includes:

  • 24-page workbook with your business plan template
  • Five detailed video lessons to guide you through setting up your business plan
  • Checklist for creating your next steps and accountability
  • BONUS: COVID-19 specialised support download
  • BONUS: example business plans for you to reference
Module 1 Three Lists
Lesson 1 Getting Started
Lesson 2 List One: More | Less
Lesson 3 List Two: Now | Later
Lesson 4 List Three: Me | Not Me
Module 2 Goals and Commitments
Lesson 1 Goals
Lesson 2 Commitments
Module 3 Next Steps
Lesson 1 Here's What To Do Next
Lesson 2 What You'll Get From Me
Lesson 3 You've Got This
Module 4 Bonus: Add Your Exclusive Coaching Session
Lesson 1 Book Your Coaching Session
Module 5 Bonus: The COVID-19 Edition
Lesson 1 The COVID-19 Edition Workbook
Module 6 Bonus: Example Business Plans
Lesson 1 About The Business Plan Examples
Lesson 2 Sample Business 1: Creative Cakes
Module 7 Bonus: Get Your Trello Board Templates
Lesson 1 About The Trello Board Template
Module 8 Bonus: Live Workshop Recordings
Lesson 1 Marketing tips, Christmas planning three layers of success
Lesson 2 Create Your Mini Business Plan LIVE July 2020