The Better Business Plan 2023

The Better Business Plan is a five day challenge for makers and creative business founders, designed to equip you with the resilience and vision to navigate the year ahead.

Together we’ll create a unique-to-you business plan for 2023 that draws on the insights of 2022 and aligns with your goals for the future.

In this tried-and-true 5 day challenge mini course, you'll create a plan for a more resilient business in 2023, on your terms.

We're in a period of great reckoning. There's no better time to learn, grow, and strengthen your business.

You were made for more than hustle hard, pay your bills, and overthink it all, my friend.

Tell me if this sounds like you:

  • You know you want a business that works differently, that feels more successful from the inside out, but you’re not quite sure what that would even look like
  • And once you let yourself imagine it, you’re pretty sure it would include working even harder, overthinking even more, and worrying a whole lot
  • But with a whole year stretched out ahead of you, you know in your bones you’re ready for stronger business foundations, clearer focus, and more of the “I’ve got this” feeling

The Better Business Plan is a low-cost, high-impact 5 day challenge that’s tried-and-tested to give you an inspiring vision for the year ahead - and plenty of tools to get you there!


“I’ve had the best 5 days, Jenny! It has been so insightful and really helped with clarity for my way forward. It’s just what I needed.”
- Laura

Imagine how it’s going to feel in December 2023...

When you’ve found more courage than you thought you were capable of, and used it to build something you’re really proud of.

When you’ve been living and working from clarity of purpose.

When you’ve been finding your own strength and creating on your own terms.


There’s a HUGE bias in the creative business industry towards hustling hard, that you’re meant to do more to get more and achieve more all the time - it’s time for you to see that more focus actually results in better results (and you can do less!)

You’ve been taught to do it all yourself without complaint, never showing the struggle behind the scenes, and feeling pretty isolated and alone - instead of investing in support and sharing the experience with like-hearted creatives who truly get it

You’ve tried following the formulae of a thousand gurus, from ads to PR to Pinterest, but they just haven’t worked for you, and doing them all is exhausting - instead of following your own wisdom, getting help where needed, and keeping your clear focus


It’s time to get your confidence, courage, and creativity turned up to the max for 2023!

Here's what we'll cover:

Day 1: Identify

Uncovering insight amidst the chaos

Looking back on your 2022 to reveal the useful feelings and facts that will help you build your courage and resilience in the year ahead.

Day 2: Process

Learning and letting go

A safe space to find the lessons needed for growth and heal the things that may be holding you back.

Day 3: Vision

Finding strength in the big picture

Getting you out of your own head and into your heart’s desires to visualise the life and business you want for yourself.

Day 4: Integrate

Making it happen

Laying out your options on the table and identifying how to integrate changes into your business that feel right and make purposeful progress forwards.

Day 5: Action

Committing to the vision

Turning insight into action by planning your next steps, including a retail calendar and goal-setting.

Jenny Portraits in a circle

You'll receive:

  • 5 recorded workshops, one each day from Monday 23rd to Friday 27th January
  • An 80+ page digital workbook that serves as your business plan for the year
  • Access to an exclusive Insiders' Page, full of resources to strengthen your business and additional reading
  • Space to connect with like-hearted creatives in business who are also planning a brilliant year!
  • Mini masterclass: An Introduction To Building A Better Business, featuring my time-tested business framework

PLUS each day I'll be giving away prizes, from inspiring stationery to a professional photoshoot for your business!

What people have said:


Hi! I’m Jenny Pace.

Business coach for female founders and creative entrepreneurs.

I empower women like you to forge their own definition of success, with head and heart in perfect alignment.

I've been working in online retail since 2009, so I have all the savvy strategy AND the intuitive discernment to help you go from flustered and floundering to balanced and thriving.

I'm obsessed with finding your focus, keeping your cool, and believing in bigger things for you and your business. Join me this January to create your Better Business Plan.

With the 5 day challenge, you’ll discover:

  • How to uncover the insight in the chaos as we look back at 2022 (and previous years)
  • Effective methods to process, learn and let go of the things no longer serving you and your business
  • The strength in the big picture, and a powerful way to tap into your big vision
  • How to integrate your big dreams with your present reality so that they actually happen
  • Innovative, effective, and inspiring actions to take throughout 2023, while working successfully with the retail calendar